Ethical Sourcing

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Who are we

Boutique Retailer (BR) is the #1 retailer of boutique brands in Australia.

What we stand for

At BR, we understand that our customers want to buy ethically sourced products. That is why we have an Ethical Sourcing team, dedicated to ensuring that all products sold to our customers are ethically sourced and that our suppliers and manufacturers treat their employees fairly in accordance with local laws, both in terms of the wages they pay their employees and the working hours and conditions their employees enjoy.

We demand that our suppliers and manufacturers ensure that in relation to their product and workforce, basic labour and human rights are met, environmental impacts are managed and they behave ethically at all times.

What we expect from our suppliers

We require our suppliers and manufacturers to participate in our Ethical Sourcing Program by meeting the following five key principles:

  • Mandatory participation – all production locations producing finished goods for us (including licensed products) must participate
  • Communication – Suppliers and manufacturers must notify us of all locations used to produce products
  • Compliance with local laws and Boutique Retailer policies – Suppliers and manufacturers are responsible for complying with local laws and our Code of Conduct set out further on
  • Transparency – We must have access to all areas of a supplier and manufacturer’s facility, confidential access to employees, and transparency of all necessary documents for audits and visits, and
  • Corrective actions and cooperation – Suppliers and manufacturers must cooperate with us and any related parties we engage to resolve any identified non-compliance issues with our Ethical Sourcing Program. Suppliers and manufacturers must provide evidence that issues are being addressed properly and promptly.

We publicly commit to only engage with suppliers who pay their workers a living wage and we audit our suppliers to ensure their compliance with this important principle.

At the end of the day, we expect our suppliers and manufacturers to be transparent in their dealings with us and to take a proactive approach in addressing non-compliance issues.