Provides Real Relief From Pain

I suffer from Chronic pain after falling down stairs.I also have severe arthritis in my spine and hips and advanced bone degeneration . When I wake up stiff & in pain I sit with the thermo heat pad on setting 3 (if its a hot day setting 2) while I have my morning cup of tea and the relief is immediate .It helps me relax which also helps with the pain. The heat setting at 3 is hot and you wouldn't want it any hotter; it is just right. After I have warmed up I find I can do a few things for around 2 before the pain really kicks in again. So I apply the heat pad again for a little while. I find the heat provides a sensation that turns off the pain for a while and makes it bearable for a few hours. At my worst I have used it for 3 hours straight and I can't imagine what I would do without it.

Thermo Comfort Heat Pad

I highly recommend for anybody needing to help improve or warm up any part of their body, especially the knees

Highly recommended

I have used this heatpad several times for a sore lower back and have found it very easy to use and effective. The long power cord is very convenient and the auto shut-off is a good safety feature. I'm happy to recommend this product!!

Highly recommended

Amazing, perfect for back pain, light and convenient and saves having to constantly reheat non electric heat packs. Have purchased 2 now as these heat packs are worth every cent.

Electric heat pack

This is an excellent product which generates heat similar to a grain heat pack yet this one will maintain heat up to 3 hours. It’s has several levels of comfortable heat (I like 3) and it means you can relax for an hour or so without having to reheat manually after 10 minutes like the organic wheat bags or gels. And it’s nice to move around being perfect size for back shoulder or tummy. I love it for my arthritic hips. It’s a great product and I highly recommend it. Also is a great price. And it’s safe!

The Thermo comfort electric heat pad is used for everyday aches and pains. Unlike wheat packs and water bottles, where the temperature can be too hot, too cold, or drops over time the Thermo-comfort electric heat pad maintains a constant pre-set temperature, generating a soothing action as it dilates the blood vessels and stimulates circulation.

It can be used for joint pains, bruising, arthritis, and rheumatism and sciatica.

Features and Specifications:

  • Three different temperature levels
  • Machine washable cover
  • Heat sensor technology maintains consistent heat for greater comfort
  • Automatically turns off after 2 hours
  • Usable for joint pains, bruising, arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica
  • 3-meter power cable
  • 100W
  • 50Hz
  • AC 220-240V
  • Specifications:
  • Pad Size: 30cm x 42cm (approx)
  • Cord Length: 3m
  • Maximum temperature Thermo Pad reaches is 30 degrees celcius. These are not meant to be like a hot water bottle with boiling water inside them.
  • Gradually Consistant Light Thermal Heat Comfort (note: the pad does not become extremely hot, it releases heat gradually & consistently).
  • Inside is a thin element woven through from one end to the other, approximately 2cm apart.
Barcode # 9335607000193
Brand Intelligent Health Systems
Size 30cm x 42cm (approx)
Shipping Weight 0.7000kg